iCoder - Your Friendly Micro ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

A few (around 11 to be precise) years ago, I was a young developer working for an up and coming start up in the Los Angeles Area. At the time, we were working on an ASP.NET Data Driven application that was basically collecting data from users through surveys. As developers in that company, a good part of our job was to write store procedures, simple data classes, a data access layer that called these stored procedures and on top of that a business access layer . Needless to say that a lot of the work at the stored procedure and data access layer level was quite monotonous.

However, I was not complaining I was learning and earning an income. But three weeks into the development I started asking myself there must be another, more efficient way to do this. At that point, I did not know the concept of ORM (Object Relational Mapping), Heck I barely knew what a database was 😉😂 . I just knew that I needed to find a way to have all this repetitive code written for me. I started thinking about what a compiler did: which is basically take a High level language (i.e. C#, C, Java, etc) and turn it into a machine language (bits 1's and 0's) that the said "machine" can then "understand" and run.



So from  that point, I thought what if I could apply the same principle of code generation that a compiler does but for this database and data access layer stuff. I them embarked in a 2 weeks learning and development quest to build what I then learned a year later was called an ORM. I named this ORM of mine iCoder (Again it was the iPhone era so everything was i this, i that  😂) . 

Although this ORM was very primitive it helped my colleagues and I speed our development process at the time by 50%. We were all pretty junior at the time. Don't hold it against us 😉 . However, even though it has been 11 years I still from time to time when I need a quick set of stored procedures or simple POCO classes use this tool. So I decided to share it with the world. If you are a .NET Developer and are interested in using it, you can download it here:




Here are also some quick tutorial videos, I put together to help you use it and make sense of it. If this tool is interesting and you would like me to improve it, don't hesitate to drop a comment or send me an email at: info@bafiasoft.com. 


Part 1:



Part 2:




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